Hello and welcome to my online portfolio! I’ve included my resume and writing samples to help you get a better sense of work I’ve done throughout my undergraduate career. Below is my professional bio that further explains my experiences and interests. Enjoy!

       Alexis Biaggi is a senior at the University of Michigan seeking to develop the necessary skills to pursue a career in the communications industry. This past summer, Alexis worked diligently at one of the top public relation firms in the world – Ogilvy Public Relations. As an intern within the Brand Marketing division, Alexis worked with clients such as the Ford Motor Company and American Express. She composed a variety of pitches and landed her first professional placement on the Examiner, which detailed happenings at the annual Ford Leadership Conference in Detroit, Michigan. She also composed press releases for SanPellegrino’s new product launch event in Taormina, Italy and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Alexis took advantage of all educational presentations given throughout the office on topics including the “Power of the Pitch” and “Experiential Marketing”. However, what had to be Alexis’s most valued experience at Ogilvy was managing her summer long intern project that she was able to present directly to Ford clients.

       Alexis began her undergraduate career with a passion for writing and an aptitude for event planning. Seeking to employ these skills, Alexis sought out multiple opportunities on campus and quickly rose to crucial leadership roles within organizations. As a sophomore, Alexis assumed the role of Philanthropy Chair within her sorority, in which she worked to raise funds and awareness for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Throughout her yearlong term, Alexis optimized fundraising efforts and provided incentives to increase member participation at events. Consequently, she led the Michigan Tri Delta chapter to rank 4th in the nation among 180 chapters in fundraising efforts, a great feat considering Michigan Tri Deltas had never before placed in the top ten. During Alexis’s term, Michigan Tri Deltas were also recognized as the Most Improved Chapter of the year.

       In addition to her enthusiasm for philanthropy, Alexis has served as Campus Manager for the start-up company, Rent The Runway. With the job of directing a group of twenty members, Alexis led her team in increasing the presence and sales of designer fashion rentals on campus. One of her biggest contributions to the organization was her role in planning and executing a fashion show sponsored by Diet Pepsi, in which over two hundred college students attended and registered for the site. Features on the Rent the Runway Fashion Show were shown on various popular media outlets targeting the college demographic including HerCampus.com and WOLVTV.
       In regards to her more personal enjoyments, Alexis adores traveling and has been to over twenty countries. Perhaps most importantly, Alexis finds peace and relaxation through singing. With a background in traditional music, Alexis has been singing for as long as she can remember and has led choir and church singing groups.

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